Amy Zerba


Web Design Capstone, University of Florida: Mentored graduate students on their final capstone projects, which demonstrated the skills they learned throughout the online master’s program. Those skills were: logo design; photography; writing and research; programming; and web design (Fall 2013-Spring 2015)

Applied Online Journalism, University of Florida: Mentored advanced students in storytelling with video and data visualization (Spring 2012; Spring 2011; Fall 2010)

Visual Journalism, University of Florida: Taught visual storytelling using typography, design, photography, video and data visualization (Spring 2012; Fall 2011; Spring 2011)

Survey Research Methods, University of Florida: Introduced graduate students to how to properly conduct an online survey. Students in the course conducted a study on social media using an online survey and wrote a full conference paper (Fall 2011)

Web Publishing, University of Texas at Austin: Instructed students on building Web sites with HTML and CSS (and then Dreamweaver) for both personal and news Web sites. (Spring 2007)

Print Design, University of Texas at Austin: Introduced students to design basics and guidelines for newspaper and magazine page layout; guided students on how to tell stories visually using sketching, concept-building and brainstorming activities. (Fall 2006)

Editing, University of Florida: Taught students AP style, reviewed grammar and coached students in copy editing skills, fact checking, writing headlines and designing pages. (Summer 2003)

Graphics of Journalism, University of Florida: Taught elements of design, such as type contrast, unity and color; developed creative project ideas that encouraged originality; and taught Quark and Photoshop. (Fall 2001; Fall 2002)